Erected Moai on Easter Island-Street Talk Savvy

Rapanui- The Mystery Solved?

For about 200 years the decline of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island remained one of the biggest mysteries of the time. When the Dutch landed on the island on Easter 1722 they were surprised at the quantity and size of the Moai statues the largest of which measured at 10m tall. After that…


Rugby line out- Rugby World Cup 2015 by Street Talk Savvy

2015 Rugby World Cup

The 8th installment of the Rugby World Cup has nearly come to pass with tomorrow the 2 highest ranked teams in the world the invincible New Zealand-All Blacks versus the rejuvenated Australian- Wallabies facing off. 3 teams have won the World Cup on 2 occasions thus far. Australia, New Zealand, and the South African- Springboks.…