Medellin Eye Candy, the Plastic Surgery Capital of Colombia

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Medellin Eye Candy- The Plastic Surgery Capital of Colombia by Street Talk Savvy

Medical tourism takes many forms. And Colombia has many good qualified doctors. But imagine plastic surgery as a form of medical tourism.

It’s cheap. I mean the plastic surgery. Colombia isn’t that expensive to live in when using foreign money either. So the average plastic surgery procedure can be up to ¾ cheaper than in other countries.

Exercise! The Poor Man's Plastic Surgery!

Exercise! The Poor Man’s Plastic Surgery! (Photo credit: duncan)

Cosmetic surgery is big business in Medellin. It doesn’t hurt that this South American nation is enjoying a tourist boom that brought more than a million visitors to the country last year for the first time in two decades, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism. (Medellin is sometimes referred to as “Silicone Valley” (Silicone with an e)
Of all those people coming to Colombia, at least 3 percent come to get medical treatment. In 2009, about 31,000 people came for surgery and in 2010, about 40,000. That number continues to climb significantly every year.

Colombia’s passion for implants is almost unmatched,” Joshua Goodman noted in a recent Associated Press article. “According to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than half of the 450,000 operations performed last year were breast augmentations, costing about $2,000 to $3,000 per procedure – more than half a year’s salary for the 58 percent of the country living below the poverty line.” Liposuction, face lifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures are not far behind.
With beauty reigning only second behind Futbol as a national pastime, is it any wonder why cosmetic surgery is so popular here.

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The average brest augmentation in Colombia costs $US2,000. It is not as expensive as the $8,000 it costs in some countries and is not even too expensive for the local girls. For this reason even the locals of Medellin have taken to using the procedure in large numbers. Many Paisa women have the aspiration to get their breasts enlarged even before they have grown to their full size. To document the situation is the Colombian soap opera, “Sin Tetas No hay Paraiso-Without Tits There Is No Paradise”, showing how it is a Colombian woman’s dream to get brest enlargement, often to overcome poverty.

Pamela Anderson

To this day Pamela Anderson is a success story with plastic surgery Image via Wikipedia

Other Colombians often comment about the fact that many Paisa girls have had the operation and are likely to have many other procedures. According to other Colombian women, the women in Medellin are very beautiful.  But it is often commented whether they would be so beautiful without their fixation on plastic surgery.

Face procedures, brest augmentation, liposuction, and died hair (blonde is more favourable, but given many Colombians have dark hair, a true blonde colour is rarely achieved). On top of that, a voluptuous body is desirable by most Latinas, and butt implants are also on the menu. While, European cultures look for a smaller butt, the fuller butt is more preferable for Latinos. Butts that a man can rest their beer on are just as desirable as most fuller butts, but the smaller it is the less desirable. Be that as it may it still makes for good eye candy.

Español: Natalia Paris

Natalia Paris- a famous model from Medellin who has had plastic surgery- Image via Wikipedia

To find out what to say to these voluptuous girls from Medellin you can, brush up on your Spanish Slang and  Colombian slang

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Medellin, Colombia- Image via Wikipedia

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