Fun English Dialect Translator in Da Hood

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Often we can find online translation tools to translate between official languages, but how many times have you been on the street  and found it hard to decipher the complex dialect or street talk, that you are hearing? Well some Fun British English Dialect Translators have arrived in Da Hood.

Fun English Dialect Translator in Da Hood by Street Talk Savvy

Some of Britains most common street dialects have been translated for you, so you can reach a greater understanding of the typical bird or geezer in the streets in Britain. have a series of translators for Irish English, Brummie, Geordie, Scouse, Cockney (a rhyming slang from East London), Ali G (the fictional comedy character of Sasha Baron Cohen), Yorkshire Chicken Run, Scottish, and rich people talk called Jolly Well Spoken (these people speak with well pronounced words like they have a plum in your mouth).

It is a new concept so they ask of you to help to add more vocabulary, so they can improve their translation service.

To prove it’s translation we tested a few of its words. As “mingin” is one of our favourite English slang words we started a search through their various translators to see the result.

The sentence used was “She is really ugly”. In Brummie we added another of our favourite English Slang words “innit?”, which translates as “isn’t it?”.

Given that Cockney is based on rhyming slang I have no idea which word that means ugly has been used to translate “Heaven and Hell Butters”.

And the last one the well spoken dialect “Old Chap”


Here’s a good video to explain Cockney pronunciation

Do what?  Jolly well goh ahead, try out your english slang and be understoohd ohn the streets in suburban england. Absolutely top hole, I have to say. (Jolly well spoken)

Noo all yaouw need is ter learn the matchen pronunciation. (Geordie)


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