Bella Italia y la Dolce vita

Italian Slang  is the guide to colloquial Italian phrases as spoken on the streets of Italia and Svizzera

Italy, or rather Rome it’s capital is the home of every Latin language that is spoken today. The standard Italian that is taught in schools comes from the nearby city of Florence, the Italian capital of the Renaissance. Italians often speak so expressively that they can’t talk without using their hands. And their men who love to flirt have undoubtedly developed a rich vocabulary around the art of “civatteria” (coming from the word ‘owl’ meaning to be wise like an owl).

Also the Italians have developed a rich culture around the food which came to them via China (noodles) and tomato (from the Americas) based dishes, so to sample the best of their wonderful gastronomy, the vocabulary for food would be important for the Italians.

Italy like many other European cultures has many different dialects, ranging from Venetian, Calabrese, Sicilian, Sardinian, Piemont in the north and the most important Florentine the standard.


Greetings and Salutations

Ciao ragazzi/o

Hi guys/girls

A dopo

See You Later!

Buon cumpleanno

Happy birthday


Good evening

Italian Slang- Get Things Off Your Chest

Italian Slang- Get Things Off Your Chest

Italian Slang- Romance and Pick Up Lines

Italian Slang- Romance and Pick Up Lines

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