Can’t Beat the Traffic in Asia?

You’re on holidays and despite the fact you’re there to see the sites one of the greatest impressions you ever get from a country is the traffic. But that’s usually not when the traffic is working well, for example countries like Germany. It’s how the chaos of another countries traffic laws or lack of them…

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Set at the furthest end of Latin America. After centuries of blending, the huge wave of immigrants that have come to the mild southern climate, the porteños (as inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called) often prided themselves on being European. They have often looked to Europe for their inspiration. Now after the immigrants…

San Francisco, City by the Bay Yeah

Why San Francisco? Because it is a beautiful city! Get it, got it, good! It’s hard to find a city surrounded by water like San Francisco that isn’t beautiful. It’s San Francisco, City by the Bay Yeah. That’s the words of the song by the famous group Village People.

San Francisco is centred on the southern point of the entrance of the San Francisco Bay on the coast of California, and is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, it’s trams and the spectacular views that can be seen while rising or descending it hillsides. (more…)